Types of Baby Strollers

Right stroller is a key to comfy and enjoyable walks with your kid. Buying a perfect stroller requires some time: first, you should figure how and where you plan to use a stroller. Often parents prefer to buy more than one stroller for different needs.

Lately in vogue are sleek strollers equipped with a lot of additional accessories and thus with a high price tag, which includes expenses on the numerous researches and engineering. In case you have a limited budget, you can still find a solid stroller.

Types of Strollers

Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers are a remodeled version of good old umbrella strollers. Lightweight strollers weight under 20 pounds and are equipped with the same features as standard strollers including storage baskets, convertible seats and sun hoods. This type of stroller is perfect for travelling and walks to the mall. Budget-friendly umbrella stroller still remains a smart and inexpensive alternative, which could be kept as a spare, however it is not intended for kids that cannot sit up on their own.

Lightweight Stroller

Standard Strollers

Being bigger and heavier comparing to lightweight strollers, standard strollers provide larger seating area, bigger wheels, roomier storage space and additional features like ergonomic handles and embedded music systems. Standards strollers are suitable for any conditions and thus are popular among contemporary parents who favor their versatility. A standard stroller could be easily fold, usually with a one-hand mechanism, however it will occupy more space in your trunk than a lightweight stroller. Besides, you can have troubles with walking a standard stroller in crowded places.

Standard Stroller

Jogging Strollers

Active parents should draw their attention to jogging strollers as a substitute to standard strollers. Jogging strollers come with sturdy big tires, sleek carcass, hang-grip brakes and all-road suspension systems, which guarantee their excellent performing on any type of surface. Jogging strollers cannot be fold as easy as standard and lightweight strollers, so might not work for traveling parents. Jogging strollers are intended for kids over 6 months old.

Jogging Stroller

Travel Systems

Busy parents will favor the travel systems. A travel system includes a standard stroller as well as an infant car seat that could be installed on the top of a stroller. So you will be able to move your kid from car to a stroller with ease. Besides, these travel systems include car seat base that remains in a car: a car seat could be snapped into a base instead of tedious buckling and unbuckling of the seat. As a child grows, a travel system can function as a standard stroller.

Travel System Stroller

Strollers for Twins, Triplets

In case you have more than one child, you should purchase a stroller for more than one child. Take into consideration kids’ ages when buying a stroller. There is a myriad of types offered on a market: for instance, a stroller where kids can stand and ride, however there is no enough space for their napping. Other types provide seats for all kids. If your babies are small, consider recline seats. Another alternative – connecting two standard strollers with stroller clips.

Stoller for Two Kids Twins

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