Top Kids Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2013-2014

It is not a secret that kids’ fashion is often a reflection of trends for grown-ups. Girls and boys like to copy their parents in everything including clothing. Kids’ fashion trends for fall winter 2013-2014 are distinguished with a great variety of silhouettes and mixing of different styles in one look. Let’s figure what are going to be the key kids’ fashion trends in fall winter 2013-2014.

Kids Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Fur in Kids’ Fashion

Just like in grown-up fashion, during the coming fall winter 2013 seasons in a wardrobe of every baby girl and baby boy should present real of fake fur: consider fur hats, berets, coats, collars, muffs, fur trimming for shoes and bags.

Kids Fashion Fur

Knitwear in Kids’ Fashion

Knitted items will be also highly popular during the fall winter 2013 season. Make sure to purchase for your kid different jumpers, sweaters and cardigans. Free knit is going to be the hottest trend of this season as well as various rhombs, stripes and cones.

Kids Fashion Knitwear

Denim in Kids’ Fashion

Jeans are considered to be a timeless garment, which became a universal children wear. However this item also tends to be influenced by fashion trends and during the coming season an accent will be made on richly-embellished jeans with lace, crystals, fringe and studs. Denim pinafores and jumpsuits with skinny legs are making a big comeback during fall winter 2013.

Kids Fashion Denim

Colors in Kids’ Fashion

As for colors, they also mimic grown-up fashion trends. This year in vogue are natural hues like gray, steel, brown and trendy black and white. However bright shades should also present in kids’ wardrobes, especially all shades of red: corral, pink, orange, purple and fuchsia.

Kids Fashion Jeans

Prints in Kids’ Fashion

Bold prints are also going to reign during the coming season. Statement prints, appliqués and embroidery will add a truly young and cheerful vibe to children’s clothing. Stripes and polka dots promise to become the key prints of the season.

Kids Fashion Printed Pants Denim Shirt

Hats in Kids’ Fashion

When it comes to hats, you are not limited to a certain style. It could be either a fur hat or a knitted one with bold prints and appliqués.

Kids Fashion Fur Hat

Combine Garments of Contrasting Colors

The latest tendency in kids’ fashion: nowadays when making up a kid’s outfit, it is not necessary to stick to one color palette like it used to be in the previous seasons. During the approaching fall winter 2013 season it is important to make an accent on one bold element in a look and build an entire outfit around it, even in contrasting colors.

Kids Fashion Knitted Hat

Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2013 for Boys

Even though mothers of girls have more opportunities to dress their baby girls the trendy way, you shouldn’t assume that kid’s fashion is limited to clothing for girls only. For the coming season consider dressing your son in jumpers with bold prints and a V-shaped necklines, grunge jeans, velvet coats, etc. Similar to girls’ fashion, in the boys’ fashion are favored various studs, chains, buttons, fringe and lacing. Don’t forget about an eternal military trend that is never out of boys’ fashion.

Kids Fashion Boy Jeans

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  1. Natallie Edgar says:

    So I know these are the fashion trends but maybe some neon colors and may some brown orange and blue would look nice too

  2. Natallie Edgar says:

    And not all parents are rich so keep it on the the down low for the poor

  3. KiddyTrend says:

    Natallie, you are right. Neons are the key fashion trends of this season as well as cobalt blue, however they are more appropriate for summertime. As for the second comment, we are giving just the general fashion tendencies without mentioning brands, most of the clothes in the pictures are of mass market brands like Zara.

  4. ellie says:

    animal print is totes in right now

  5. Shauna says:

    Are the colored demin pants like blue,green,pink and red trendy this fall/winter also? Or more earthy tones?

  6. Deanna says:

    Great article. Other hot fall trends in children’s fashion also include pleather, peplum and of course neon is again prominent this season. Chic western looks are also trending for fall 2013. Stop in our boutique at http://www.everythingbuttheprincess.com for a full selection of children’s clothing from over 100 designers. Check out our blog or join our mailing list to stay in the know for children’s boutique fashions.

  7. Mrs Roberts says:

    Are they kidding? . Except the first picture, these clothes are awful.

  8. give me those clothes now or i will hunt you down and murder you

  9. Adalya Lopez says:

    Nice cloths..

  10. Ramiro says:

    Where can I find the brown boots/sneakers?

  11. Jessiel says:

    you guys are a bunch of white girls

  12. Im personally not a huge fan of the bright/neon colours for boys so its great to see something more subtle

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