What You Need in Toddler’s Bedroom

Toddler Kid's Room
When creating an interior of a toddler’s room, it is essential to fill it with elements that will promote both kid’s playing and resting. Also it is important to create a flexible interior since the kids’ needs change quickly as they get older. So take this into consideration as well as a developing sense of style of your kid and design a perfect toddler-friendly room.

How to Decorate a Room for Toddlers


Often furniture becomes a biggest expense item when designing a kid’s bedroom, so it is important to choose prudently to make sure your furniture will serve you for years. Instead of purchasing a toddler bed, consider opting for a twin or full size bed with slats attached – they make up a perfect bed for your kid for many years.

Toddler Kid's Room

Dresser or armoire is also an essential element of a toddler’s bedroom. Opt for the one that is equipped with different shelves and cabinets on the low level so your kid could easily reach them. A bed-side table is an ideal place for a lamp.

Toddler Kids Room

Since toddler’s needs and interests change rapidly, don’t spend a lot of money on items that won’t serve you for long. Opt for furniture and walls in subdued shades. As for bedding, wall treatments and window treatments are a budget-friendly method to bring a splash of color and attitude to a toddler’s bedroom, while they are easy to replace.

Toddler Kid's Room

Play Zone

Every child needs a special area for playing and keeping toys. Consider storing kid’s toys in plastic or canvas totes, bookshelves or toy boxes. Don’t hesitate to sort toys by their type and make sure to attach a picture of each type of toy on the box, which simplifies their cleaning up. This way your play zone will always remain neat and allow your kid an easy access to toys.

Toddler Kid's Room Play Zone

Quiet Zone

Besides a play zone, it is necessary to set up a quiet zone in kid’s bedroom, which is an ideal place for reading and quiet playing. This area is welcoming and comfy, while a floor should be covered with a soft rug and cozy pillows. As for lighting, it should be soft. Assign a bookcase for books as well as storing area for stationery like markers, pencils and paper. Make sure to supply a bedroom with a CD player.

Toddler Kid's Room Quiet Zone

Toddlers’ Bedroom

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