Striking Ideas of Kid’s Month-By-Month Photos

Kids Photoshoot
Kids tend to grow really fast. Before you know it, your little bundle will start walking and saying the first words. That’s why it is important to capture those lovely moments through a series of month-by-month photos. Believe me, when your kid grows up, he or she will definitely appreciate this idea. Moreover, you can create a fantastic photobook using these photos or make up a wall collage. So, let’s take a look at some striking month-by-month baby photoshoot ideas.

Month-By-Month Kids Photoshoot Ideas

Different Angels

Looking for creating a dynamic and original collage? Try to shoot your kid from various angels.

Kids Photoshoot

Numbered Onesie

Put a one-colored onesie on your kid with a numbermthat stands for months. Make sure to use colorful backgrounds that will allow creating a cheerful collage.

Kids Photoshoot


Create letters and numbers using fabrics, felt, paper or plastic to compound age of your baby.

Kids Photoshoot


Take the month-by-month photos of your child on the same chair with a chalkboard where a kid’s age is stated hanging behind him or her.

Kids Photoshoot

Favorite Toy

To observe the process of your kid’s getting bigger, you shoot him along with a toy. Capture your kid next to this toy month-by-month in order to see the progress in comparison.
Kids Photoshoot


Consider placing your toddler on a large calendar mat. Make sure to regularly change months.

Kids Photoshoot


Shoot your baby while he or she lies in a crook of your arm.

Kids Photoshoot


Blend a babybook with a photobook by simple writing lovely notes tracking your baby’s growth and progress and combine them with his or her month-by-month photos.

Kids Photoshoot

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