How to Shoot Month-By-Month Photos of Your Kid

Kid Baby Photoshoot Photos
We already wrote about striking ideas of month-by-month series of photos of your kid and hope they inspire you for starting this fascinating and creative process. So, if you decide to give this a go, we present you some useful tips that will help you create one-of-a-kind month-by-month photos of your baby.

Guide on Month-By-Month Photos of Your Baby


Before you begin shooting a series of monthly pictures, you should decide on the frequency of the photoshoots. Usually parents stick to a weekly or monthly period. However don’t overestimate your capabilities, since every photoshoot requires some efforts and extra time.

Baby Kid Photo Photoshoot

Pick Day

Pick a certain day of a month when you should have a photoshoot, for instance, every 5th of the month and try to keep to it.

Same Place

In order to observe the process of your baby growth, it is obligatory to take the photos in the same location with the same decorative elements in picture. However some seasonal and holiday changes are allowed such as a Christmas tree or Easter décor.

Kid Baby Photoshoot Photos

Choose Place By Window

For bright and blur-free photos you should pick a place by the window, which guarantees a lot of natural light coming in. This is a key element to consider before getting started. Otherwise you will end up changing place after the first photoshoot because photos will come out dark.

Don’t Clutter Up Background

When preparing a place for a photoshoot, ensure the background is clean and doesn’t include any distracting elements that will steal attention from the main focus – you child.

Kid Baby Photoshoot Photos

Elements to Compare With

Pick a large item to visually compare with your child and observe the child’s growth against. One of the brilliant ideas is using a laundry basket with a lying kid inside it.

Use Elements that Demonstrate Age

If it is possible, come up with the ways to demonstrate your child’s age. We already brought you some original ideas including the one with a chalkboard, calendars, etc.

Kid Baby Photoshoot Photos

Dress your Baby in Same Clothes with Plain Design

It is better to dress your kid in a plain outfit – one-color onesies work best. This way an accent will be made on kid’s growth rather than on his or her pretty outfits. Besides, plain clothes are never out of fashion.

Continue the Tradition

Continue this wonderful tradition once a baby turns 1 year old. Do it as long as you enjoy doing it. You can even start a new cycle in a new location with different elements.

Kid Baby Photoshoot Photos

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