Kids Fashion Blogger: Haileigh (Hails_world) from NY

It is very important to be a “friendly” part of your kid’s life. Wondering how to become one? I know there are thousands of parents desperately trying to find out a compromise with their kids forgetting what their kids really want. Discussing together with kids their desires and plans must be one of the best things in kid-parent relationships. Successful discussions leads to firming friendship and this is much more important than being just a parent.

One of the best ways to make this harmony is to find something that can be done together, for instance, keeping a baby fashion blog on popular social network Instagram. The tendency of kids fashion blogs is increasing tremendously, especially on Instagram. In this article we would like to present you baby fashion blogger Haileigh (Hails_world) from New York, US.

Haileigh from NY

Haileigh from NY

Haileigh and her mother Zulay – probably one of the perfect examples of the friendly “mother-daughter” relationships. Zulay describes her daughter as a very bright and sociable four years old girl and by looking at her photos we have no doubt that this is true. The first impression you get watching Haileigh’s photos is by her remarkable eyes. She seems to have a lot to give to this world.

Meet Princess Haileigh

Meet Princess Haileigh

When Haileigh was only 20 weeks fetus, when her mother started working on her outfits.

I bought my unborn baby girl a baby boy’s brown leather jacket, brown boots and a pair of skinny jeans,

her mom says.

Haileigh in blue

Haileigh in blue

By the time Haileigh was off the diapers, she had an adult size wardrobe. Crafting everyday looks is a cooperative work of Zulay and Haileigh, where notions of both sides are mostly being seen.

 Kids Fashion Blogger: Haileigh's casual look

Kids Fashion Blogger: Haileigh’s casual look

Haileigh’s mom says:

I ask her to go to her closet and pick up an item. After she picks, I make outfits with it and different pieces and let her choose which one she would like to wear. Sometimes the items get incorporated, sometimes we go different routes and some other times she’s too busy playing so she pays me no mind….

Mysterious girl

Mysterious girl

She continues:
I haven’t encountered a moment when outfit choices haven’t agreed. She knows I like her to look cute and she likes to look cute so she doesn’t oppose but often she asks if she can wear a dress or a skirt so I tell her: hey it’s cold outside, your legs will be cold and u want to be cold?

Kids Fashion Blogger Haileigh

Kids Fashion Blogger Haileigh

Fashion Tips From Mom of Kids Fashion Blogger

When shopping Zulay puts the comfort as the first thing:

…the last thing I want to hear is she’s uncomfortable, I bundle her in layers (if it is cold) and make sure everything fits good, so she can jump and run and still look fabulous. I can’t ever picture why anyone would want to look cute and be in pain or discomfort.

Haileigh in black

Haileigh in black

We question moms like Zulay: Why do you think it is important to develop sense of style in the early age? and her answer couldn’t be better:

Well I personally feel it is important for her to know she’s a lady and she must always carry herself with class and that’s what being a girl – it is all about building self-esteem and feeling comfortable in her own skin. I feel like this shows her, how to always look proper and presentable and that even if she’s wearing rags and carries herself properly. She’ll still be amazing I think it’s hard to shake first impressions so it’s always important to look your best no matter what is the age, sex or location. One must always look their best so they can feel 100% positive, I think dressing up helps her build her self-esteem.

Haileigh's "ready-to-walk" look

Haileigh’s “ready-to-walk” look

We asked Zulay to share with our readers the tips she is using to create stylish looks. She comes up with the following rules:
#1) No clothes with graphics;
#2) Garment has to be comfortable enough to let your kid make lots of various moves like dancing, jumping, running;
#3) Avoid over accessorizing, the simpler is the look the better;
#4) Be creative, but do go over the boarders.

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  1. Sarah Li says:

    Oh! she is adorable!!!
    I gt some tips for myself from that piece

  2. Jess says:

    Absolutely positive with the mom.. I try to raise my daughter in same manner

  3. Zulay says:

    I love this thank you hails will be delighted to read about this

  4. Nicky Gleason says:

    Thanks kiddytrend for these amazing articles about kids fashion bloggers. I am thinking about starting something for my girls and I got some really valuable tips from moms that already have such an experience.

  5. persy says:

    I am pregnant & due next month& its a girl, cant wait to dress her like Hailegh…..

  6. Nadi says:

    I would like to participate in that project too, I sent on your e-mail my answers too…. still waiting for the post…. Can I get a feedback?

  7. marlene says:

    I ♡♡ hails style. Mom summarized it Well enough. There are ppl who make it seem like its a bad thing to dress little girls up at a young age. I di agree. I remember being a little girl and hating that my mom dressed me uncomfortable. It made me have low self esteem. As I grew older and now have my own daughter I make sure shes Always comfy and dressed to impressed. Little girls ♥♥ lookin cute nd ppl complimenting them. It builds there self esteem

    I been following haileigh on ig for a while now I recently launched a bracelet line on ig @jaemaries I sell unique helloberry Bracelets and I collaborate with Lovemyalannah all the time. If u can find time and look at my pieces I would love to send hails some stuff

    email jaemaries1217@gmail.com

  8. KiddyTrend says:

    If anyone has a stylish kid and wants to share the secrets of his unique style on our website, you can contact us via e-mail: info@greenlimemedia.com

  9. Chumisa says:

    I would like to know how i can my hands on these outfits for my 4 year old daughter

  10. amorleo says:

    yeee we make same. every week som photos :)

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