Original Ways of Storing Kids’ Toys

At some point of time new moms and dads face a problem of storing kids’ toys that are scattered all over the house. Finding ideal storage method is quite complicated. In order to keep your kid’s room tidy and well-organized, we bring you brilliant ideas for storing toys.

Guide on Storing Kids’ Toys

Storage Bags

They could be hanged to the ceiling or inside a cupboard. Cotton storage bags are perfect for keeping small and medium-sized toys. Moreover, they can be folded when there is no need.

Storing Kids' Toys: Storage Bags Made from Fabrics

Storing Kids’ Toys: Storage Bags Made from Fabrics


This toy bench can carry two functions: both storing toys and serving as a seating for your child.

Storing Kids' Toys: Benches

Storing Kids’ Toys: Benches

Lay-n-Go Bags

Lay-n-Go bags are the must-have in kid’s playroom since there is no better way to make a cleaning process quick and easy. Besides, you can use them for keeping toys while traveling.

Storing Kids' Toys: Lay-N-Go Bags

Storing Kids’ Toys: Lay-N-Go Bags

Plastic Containers

Since plastic containers are usually placed on the floor, your child will be able to throw in and take out his toys by himself. These containers can store all kinds of toys starting from stuffed toys to small Lego pieces.

Storing Kids' Toys: Plastic Containers

Storing Kids’ Toys: Plastic Containers

Wicker Baskets

In case your child prefers large toys like stiffed animals, trucks, kewpie dolls, etc., consider using roomy wicker baskets that are deep enough for keeping a lot of toys at a time.

Storing Kids' Toys: Wicker Baskets

Storing Kids’ Toys: Wicker Baskets


If floor in child’ room is chocked up with furniture, the best alternative is using wall-mounted shelves, where you can display attractive toys or vintage items like china dolls.

Storing Kids' Toys: Shelves

Storing Kids’ Toys: Shelves

Window Seats

This alternative will not only provide you with a roomy storage space that will accommodate all of kids’ toys, books, bags and sports equipment, but also provide an excellent seating place.

Storing Kids' Toys: Window Seating

Storing Kids’ Toys: Window Seating

Cubby System

Cubby system will add a touch of style into your kid’s room. It can double both as perfect storage space when used along with wire or plastic baskets, or as open shelves for demonstrating artworks, beautiful books, photos, etc.

Storing Kids' Toys: Cubby System

Storing Kids’ Toys: Cubby System

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