Kids Fashion Week: Iceberg Fall Winter 2013-2014

Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

This October New York city was captivated by the boys and girls dressed in haute couture. These youngsters confidently walked along the alleys and runways, demonstrating their irresistible individuality. October the 5th and 6th was the time when the whole top fashion world was swirling around the kids only.  Today we would like to get an overview of the kids’ Fall Winter 2013-2014 collection introduced by Iceberg.

Iceberg Junior Fall Winter 2014 Collection

When I talk about Iceberg I talk about a combination of sport and high fashion, bright colors, best fabrics and unusual most wanted bling-blings. Even though the 2014 women’s wear line made by Alexis Martial, unusually for Iceberg, is characterized by sober colors, Japanese style and a bit of military motifs, this Iceberg Fall Winter 2013-2014  kids’ collection is saturated with vivacious colors and sport elements and I have to admit, I like that bright part.

Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Besides there’s a very new thing Iceberg performs this time – fabrics, which include slubbed fleece, super-treated denim and macro-check cloth. According to the experts these are the most comfortable, stretch, long-lasted eco products. Moreover, you may stop caring about the sudden change of weather temperature and extreme workouts your baby loves to perform.

2014 Iceberg for boys

2014 Iceberg for boys

This year Iceberg fashion brand sees its little clients in the role of movie stars. Lots of prints, embroideries, stripes and the high-toned colors: various tints of crimson color, fuchsia, navy blue, wild indigo and few speckles of gray. In accordance with official Iceberg’s website, collection was mostly inspired by the Disney PK and witch Amelia from the Duck tales. Anyone remembers this cartoon? I can admit that the colors and the general look remind these funny characters.

The principal elements of this Iceberg Junior Fall Winter 2013-2014 collection turn out to be tight-leg jeans both for girls and boys, jersey sweaters, sweatshirts, wooly caps, military styled coats and hooded sport jackets.

Boys' Coat in Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Boys’ Coat in Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Personally I love large-scale prints. Iceberg Fall Winter 2013-2014 kids collection presents boys’ pants with letters print that look utterly chic and stylish, T-shirts and sweaters with life-asserting phrases, Disney characters and stripes. Girls may wear jackets and skirts with wild leopard prints, tender hearts and flowers on the shirts and sweatchirts.

Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Iceberg Kids Fall Winter 2014 Collection

This Iceberg fall winter 2014 Junior collection got a signature vintage feel just like the previous lines. In fact the general concept of this collection reminds me of 60-s in terms of colors, shapes and decorating details. Belts eventually have been siphoned to the kids’ fashion. Even though I still have doubts it will become popular, I would say this element of the girl’s look is so uncomfortable and unnecessary.

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  1. Jess says:

    Wow,I love Iceberg! Definitely will’be getting some of those clothes for my baby!

  2. Conny says:

    I wonder is it already available in the stores?

  3. Sarah Li says:

    Jess, I so agree with you.. I love the fabrics its so nice!

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