Essential Clothes for Newborn

Before you become a mummy, it is necessary to do some essential preparations. Besides equiping a nursery with all the key elements like a crib, changing table, cupboard and chair, you will need some clothing for the first month after you baby is born. Keep in mind that you will be probably changing newborn’s clothes a few times a day, that’s why it is important to choose garments with simple design and uncomplicated fastening. All in all, you will need for your newborn soft, comfy clothes without any irritating elements like tags or creases.

Clothes for Newborn


Before you give birth, it is impossible to figure what clothing size your baby will wear. Often newborns overgrown clothes from 0 to 3 month very quickly, moreover, fine babies even skip this stage and right after the birth wear clothes from 3 to 6 month. So, it is better to buy a few garments in a few sizes and afterwards return those that are too small for you.

Newborn Babies

Essential Elements in Newborn’s Wardrobe

it is tempting to purchase a lot of clothes for babies since it look really cute. However keep in mind that during the first couple months you kid will wear only vests and sleepsuits.

Purchase about 5 all-in-one sleepsuits. This way you won’t have to do the laundry every day.

If your baby comes into the world during the summertime, it is ok to wear sleepsuit alone. But for the colder season, consider layering it with a vest that is also called a body suit, which could be worn by themselves if it is not that cold. Other garments you will need for your baby – rompers, which are suitable for wearing during warmer days.

For fall and spring strolls don’t forget to buy a cardigan, coat and hat.

Keep in mind that newborn babies get warm or cold in a jiff, so watch after his or her condition and take off or on layers of clothing when needed.

Avoid Buttons and Snaps on the Back

Since the first months after birth you baby will mosthly spend lying on the back, try to avoid garments with back-side buttons and snaps, which will cause discomfort. Moreover, you will have to flip your child every time you need to fasten buttons, which is utterly uncomfortable.



In fact, motherhood is often accompanied with a lack of sleep. So, in order to dedicate a minimal time to diaper changing during the night, consider opting for bodysuits with snaps without a need to pull it over your baby’s neck.


Newborns don’t need any shoes, unless you plan to walk in a cold weather. Besides a problem of putting them on small feet, they barely stay on them. Instead you may use shoes with soft soles to warm up baby’s feet while being outside.

Newborn Shoes

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