Easy Ways to Add Splash of Color to Kid’s Room

The best thing about having a room in neutral shades like beige and white is a possibility to brighten it up with a splash of color whenever you wish. Pops of color allow adding a cheerful and vibrant feel to a kid’s room. It is not necessarily to opt for a bright-colored wall color, furniture, window treatments or rag. We present you simple and budget-friendly ways to bring bold pops of color in a nursery.

How to Add Color to Kid’s Room

Colorful Banners

Consider decorating plain walls with triangle or circle-shaped banners in bold hues. They will add character to your kid’s bedroom and will definitely become things that you baby will like to look at.

Kid's Room Nursery Banners Decor

Crib Sheets

Bright colored sheets for a crib are a perfect way to brighten up your nursery. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pillowcases and sheets of distinct hues and patterns, especially considering that cribs are sold separately.

Kid's Room Nursery Crib Sheets

Art Piece

Regardless whether you made it yourself or bought it from a store, a statement artwork is an ideal way to bring a splash of color to kid’s room. It will delight the eye of your baby for many years to come. Moreover, you can even pass it to the future generations.

Kid's Room Nursery Artwork Decor

Printed Pillows

Printed pillows could be found in any kid’s store and online. They are offered in a myriad of colors, prints and patterns. Moreover, you can find handmade and custom made ones or even create them yourself. Printed pillows could be scattered on a floor, a rocking chair, etc.

Kid's Room Nursery Printed Pillow

Bright Toys

Probably every kid can boast a huge collection of fluffy toys that usually gather dust somewhere in the corner. However they can be used as decorative elements of a nursery, especially if colored in bright shades.

Kid's Room Nursery Toys Decor

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