How to Dress Your Newborn Baby

The new moms and dads might find it frightening putting clothes on the tiny bodies of their newborn babies. Believe me, it will become much easier as a first week passes. Simply try to be patient and careful until the moment you both get experienced enough in dressing your newborn. These rules will help you make a baby dressing process an enjoyable pastime.

Guide on Dressing Newborn


The most widespread reason for baby crying while changing clothing is that he or she feels cold and thus insecure. Keep calm, simply try to move quick and tender. Make sure to talk to a baby. It would be better to direct a flow of warm air on a baby while you change clothes.


Change on Flat Surface

Since newborn’s head hang loosely, the most appropriate way to dress your baby is laying him or her on a flat surface, for instance, a changing mat. Make sure it is nonslip.

Head Goes First

Shove baby’s head first by stretching a neck area of a shirt, so you can get it on in one move without touching a face.



The same method works for arms. Maximally stretch one sleeve, concertina the sleeve and pass a kid’s arm through. Use the same technique for a second arm.


Put your newborn on a spread sleepsuit. Pick each sleeve and leg and direct each limb. At the end, fasten the sleepsuit.



Unfasten a sleepsuit and softly take your newborn’s leg out. Do the same with baby’s hands. Afterwards take a sleepsuit away. In case your newborn wears a vest, undo the snaps between legs and slide it all the way up to chest. Softly take the arms out of the sleeves. Widen the neck area and pull the vest up without touching a face.

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