Decorating Room for Newborn

Preparing a room for a newborn is a bit complicated, but a very thrilling thing for future parents. There is a range of ways of baby’s room décor, that’s why it is essential to consider all the choices and decide on the one that suits you best in order to simplify a task. Don’t forget about such essential things as comfort and safety when creating a quiet and safe bedroom for your newborn baby.

Décor Ideas of a Bedroom for a Newborn

When making up a bedroom for a newborn, try to keep an interior to the common theme. For example, for a girl’s room you can use the following themes: butterflies, flowers, angels, stars, fairies, etc. Deciding on a certain theme for a newborn bedroom will guide you when choosing wall color, accessories and curtains.

The best options are the soft and quiet colors including light green and baby blue. Consider opting for more than one color. Avoid lead paint on your walls since its inhalation is dangerous for a kid. Make sure to paint baby’s bedroom long before your baby arrives in order to have enough time for it to air out.

Flooring is also an essential element of a kid’s bedroom. You can choose from tile, hardwood and carpet. Hardwood remains the best option since it is easy to clean, eco-friendly and doesn’t provoke allergy.

Newborn Kids Bedroom

Ceiling is another element to take care of. As you might know newborn babies tend to be lying on the back a lot of time, so your ceiling has to attract their attention. Once their vision improves, they will enjoy looking at bright ceilings with an interesting image.

Just like any other room, newborn’s bedroom requires nice-looking treatment. That’s where you can let loose your imagination and pick lovely curtains with a bold print. In case you plan installing blinds, make sure to warp the cord since it can constitute a danger for your child.

Newborn Kids Bedroom

Décor Elements for Kid’s Bedroom

When choosing a furniture for a kid’s bedroom, you should figure till what age your kid will be able to use it and then purchase it based on your decision. Don’t forget to figure whether the furniture meets contemporary safety standards. As a rule furniture for a newborn consists of a changing table, crib, glider, drawer, glider, rocking chair and bassinet.

Crib is the key element in a bedroom for a newborn baby. A convertible crib is a smart choice since it could be converted into a toddler bed as a kid grows up. A mattress has to fit the crib ideally so that baby’s limbs don’t stick in the chink, while slats should be maximum 2 3/8 inches apart.

Newborn Kids Bedroom

And last but not the least are the proper lighting and wall art. Lighting will add a life into a bedroom. As for the wall art, keep in mind that newborns can only recognize black and white hues, so make sure to hang monochromatic pictures on the walls that will definitely interest your kid.

Newborn Kids’ Bedroom

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