How to Choose Right Shoes for Kids

Unlike grown-ups, children don’t like shoes shopping. However it is important to try shoes on since kids’ feet are growing quickly. We bring you essential tips that will help you make sure that children’s shoes fit ideally.

Tips on Buying Shoes for Your Kid

There is no a better way to figure whether it is time to replace kids’ shoes other than asking him or her. Also don’t hesitate to regularly check shoes for worn parts or stressed seams. In case sides swell wear out quicker than other parts of a shoe, it means they are not wide enough. If you notice that your kid’s toes are pointed upwards or feature worn out heels, it signifies about buying a new pair of shoes.

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It is better to schedule a shoe shopping on afternoon in order to avoid swelling feet. It is better to go to shops that specialize in footwear for kids since their staff is experienced in dealing with reluctant children. Don’t spend a fortune on shoes since child’s feet are growing quickly.

Right Fit

Make sure to measure your kid’s feet before deciding on shoes. Have your kid standing and measure both feet since one foot is always bigger than another one.

Take into consideration that while your child is standing in shoes, there should be a gap between the edge of shoes and his or her toe approximately a half inch.

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Taking into account that child’s feet are growing fast, you might want to buy shoes of bigger size. However don’t buy shoes that are more than one size bigger than feet since it can lead to problems with their development.

Make sure shoes are not too tight or too loose.

It is essential to buy for your child a comfortable pair of shoes without hoping they will stretch after a couple of days.

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How to Choose Shoes

When choosing perfect shoes for your kid, stay away from backless and slip-on styles. Consider shoes with fasteners such as laces, Velcro, etc.

Opt for shoes produced from breathable materials including canvas and leather. Besides durability, they will keep foot dry.

Even though heels look lovely on kids’ shoes, they prevent correct feet development. So it is essential to pick flats ad soles.

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It is better choosing shoes with textured sole. This way your kid won’t slip on smooth area. Besides pay attention to soles’ thickness, flexibility and sturdiness: they should be thick and sturdy as well as flexible.

Once you came up with a couple of alternatives that meet your needs, let your child decide on a color and design he or she prefers.

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