Celebrity Mom Obsession – Bugaboo Strollers

Bugaboo Stroller

Bugaboo Stroller

You think there are not that many crazy moms that are ready to pay more than one and a half thousand dollars for a stroller? In fact, there are a lot of them including celebrity parents, who tend to opt for Bugaboo strollers that cost around $1,500.

Bugaboo strollers could be compared to the sport cars in terms of a status. They first conquered the hearts of UK and US mother back in 2003. Since then Bugaboo strollers transformed from the ordinary baby vehicle into an object of adoration among rich parents.

A-list celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow picked Bugaboo strollers for their kids. Moreover, pregnant Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton went for the top-of-the-range stroller in blue.

Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom  with Bugaboo Strollers

Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom with Bugaboo Strollers

Wondering why celebrities tend to choose Bugaboo strollers? Well, first of all it is a recognized symbol of high status. So, it serves as an instrument to demonstrate parents’ wealth just like a Hermes Birkin bag.

Second, the Bugaboo fans state that these strollers are well-designed and made from high quality materials and thus worth the big sum of money you pay for them, even though they don’t even fit into a trunk of a small car. Besides, it can boast an excellent customer service and a range of additional accessories like cup-holders and matching bags.

Dads also tend to like a complicated mechanism of Bugaboo prams. Besides, they favor a unisex design of this stroller.

Bugaboo Strollers

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