Celebrity Kids’ Style: Favorite Clothes and Accessories

New moms tend to admire the way celebrities dress their kids. Sure, celebrity moms and dads spend thousands of dollars on their kids’ stylish wardrobes, so it is hard to replicate celebrity kids’ outfits with a hundred percent fidelity. However, you can chalk up their favorite garments and accessories that make celebrity children’s style one-of-a-kind and allow creating chic and trendy looks.

Style of Celebrity Kids and Their Favorite Garments

Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes)

Though Suri Cruise’s looks are often judged as fashionable, I personally don’t see anything outstanding about her outfits, yet there are some styling tricks to adopt. For instance, we can often see lovely headbands on her head that add a soft touch to the look as well as ballet flats, which she just adores.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Suri Cruise

Celebrity Kids’ Style: Suri Cruise

Flynn Bloom (Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom)

When looking at Miranda Kerr’s son Flynn Bloom, it becomes obvious that he values comfort in clothing and likes to wear garments with loose silhouettes made from soft fabrics. In Flynn’s wardrobe prevail sweats, knitted jumpers, sneakers and all kinds of hats.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Flynn Bloom

Celebrity Kids’ Style: Flynn Bloom

Honor Marie Warren (Jessica Alba and Cash Warren)

While being a daughter of one of the most beautiful and stylish Hollywood actresses, Honor tries to imitate her mom in everything including in style of dressing. She likes to wrap scarves around her petit neck. Besides, she is a big fan of printed leggings, denim vests and rocker leather jackets just like her mom.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Honor Warren

Celebrity Kids’ Style: Honor Warren

Skyler Berman (Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman)

I just love the way a popular fashion stylist Rachel Zoe dresses her baby boy, but a special attention should be devoted to his collection of fedora hats, leather boots and playsuits that make up a major part of his large wardrobe.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Skyler Berman

Celebrity Kids’ Style: Skyler Berman

Harper Seven Beckham (Victoria and David Beckham)

There is no doubt that this little cutie will become a fashion icon within a few years  just like her celebrity mom. It is great that as she becomes older, her looks are getting brighter, however Harper’s personal style will be always associated with chic headbands and tweed dresses in neutral colors.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Harper Seven

< Celebrity Kids’ Style: Harper Seven

Emme Anthony (Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony)

As we could guess, it is hard to dress frumpy when your mom is a recognized style icon. Emme Anthony has all kind of clothes in her wardrobe, but it is apparent that her favorites are below the knee dresses in girly pink hues or with playful floral print.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Emme Watson

Celebrity Kids’ Style: Emme Watson

Marion and Tabitha Broderick (Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick)

Marion and Tabitha’s mother knows a thing or two about fashion and seems like she passed on the torch to her beautiful daughters. Both Marion and Tabitha share passion for printed leggings layered with tunics and quilted jackets.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Tabitha Broderick

Celebrity Kids’ Style: Tabitha Broderick

Mason Disick (Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick)

Mason’s manner of dressing up is distinguished with a laid back feel, relaxed silhouettes and luxurious accessories such as fedora hats, genuine leather moccasins, sunglasses and silk handkerchiefs.

Celebrity Kids' Style: Mason Disick

Celebrity Kids’ Style: Mason Disick

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