Things to Consider When Buying Baby Stroller

A good stroller can become your best friend, that’s why it is important to make a thorough decision when buying a stroller for your kid. In fact there is a myriad of strollers offered in the stores and online, which are able to suit different lifestyles. So at the beginning it is essential to consider the way you will be using your stroller and then choose the one that will work best for you and your baby.

How to Choose Baby Stroller

Strollers Safety

Just like with everything related to kids, safety is essential. Before you decide on certain stroller, check it for stability and ensure it won’t capsize with a heavy bag hanging on the handles. Harness is also important: a five-point harness is considered to be the best, especially for kids that spend a lot of time in strollers. If you don’t plan to use a stroller on regular basis, consider a three-point harness. A perfect stroller shouldn’t have any sharp corners.

Baby Stroller

Strollers Wheels and Handles

Don’t hesitate to walk a stroller a few yards before you make a final decision. Make sure the height of handles suit you perfectly or consider buying a one with adjustable handles. A stroller should have smooth lines and corners. Pay attention to your feet while walking a stroller: make sure they don’t clash against wheels. Foam cover on the handles will provide additional comfort.

Baby Stroller

Strollers Additional Features

Do you plan to go shopping with a stroller and thus need a basket underneath? You will be happy to find out that some strollers are supplied with holders for snack and drink, toy bars, organization trays for parents and rain covers. All of these additional items can be bought separately, so don’t refuse buying a certain stroller just because it lacks any of these accessories. Another thing to consider – the way the stroller folds and how much space it occupies in a trunk. Make sure you can unfold and fold it with ease.

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