Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate Kids’ Room

We used to think that interior design changes are always accompanied with spending big sums of money, however there are ways to enhance a kids’ room interior without spending a fortune: all you need is a bit of fantasy and some efforts. Our brilliant ideas will allow you create wonderful kids’ room décor.

Brighten Up Kids’ Bedroom Decor on a Budget


Plain monochrome walls look boring and don’t promote a good mood, so it is essential to decorate them with bold-colored artwork. Moreover, you can even come up with mini galleries: art pieces shouldn’t be necessary works of Michelangelo, simply use memorable photos, drawings of your kid or any other pictures that can complement your wall composition. Who knows, maybe this will inspire your child to create.

Drawings in Kids' Bedroom, Cupboards for Storing Toys

Drawings in Kids’ Bedroom, Cupboards for Storing Toys

Patterned Décor Elements

The simplest method to brighten up a kids’ room is using printed decorative elements. For instance, patterned cushion in bright hues that should be complemented with a vibrant rug in the matching palette.

Printed Cushions and Bedding in Kids' Room

Printed Cushions and Bedding in Kids’ Room

Mismatching Furniture

Instead of keeping an interior of a child’s bedroom in one style by purchasing matching furniture set, consider opting for separate pieces you collected over time. By combining new furniture pieces with old ones you will not only safe a significant sum of money, but also come up with a bold and eclectic design.

Mismatching Furniture in Kids' Room

Mismatching Furniture in Kids’ Room

Customized Bed

In fact, you can personify any wooden bed using a spray paint in a vibrant color. Make sure to cover it with nice bedding with pillows that can be customized with a lovely trim.

In case you are handy enough, consider designing and creating a statement headboard from inexpensive materials like MDF, foam, glue and staple gun.

Girl's Room with Bright Bedding

Girl’s Room with Bright Bedding

Striped Pattern

Instead of coloring walls in monochrome colors, let your fantasy loose and paint walls in horizontal and vertical stripes in a few colors. If you want to emphasize certain area, for example, a piece of wall behind a crib, simply frame this part only, what will allow making it a focal point.

Striped Walls in Kids' Room

Striped Walls in Kids’ Room

Storing Space

Think about creative ways of storing kids’ stationery, toys, books, etc. Don’t throw away empty soup cans, which can serve as perfect organizing tools at kids’ bedroom.

Soup Canes Storing Kid's Pencils

Soup Canes Storing Kid’s Pencils

Original Ceiling

Even if you have a limited budget for creating a multilevel ceiling in your baby’s room, there are still ways to spice it up. Simply make drawings of  flowers, stars, clouds, etc.

Kids' Room with Painted Ceiling

Kids’ Room with Painted Ceiling

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