Baby Dior Fall Winter 2013 Collection for Girls

Baby Dior Fall Winter 2013 Jacket Skirt Ballet Flats Hat for Girls

Baby Dior Fall Winter 2013 Collection for Girls

Being found back in 1946, since that time Dior has become a synonymous with elegance, class and chic. Luckily Dior brings the same principles to producing clothing for kids. Luxurious fashion house Dior presented its Baby Dior fall winter 2013 collection, which includes three lines: boys, girls and newborns. In this article we are going to dwell on a girls’ line.

Just like with the clothing intended for grown-ups, this Baby Dior girls’ collection is distinguished with sleek silhouettes, clean lines, subdued shades and deluxe materials. So, you will be able to easily dress up the same way with your baby girl by opting for garments from this beautiful Dior line.

Baby Dior Fall Winter 2013 Dresses for Girls

Baby Dior Fall Winter 2013 Dresses for Girls

This girls’ line from Baby Dior fall winter 2013 collection features a myriad of chic knee-length dresses made from jacquard, silk, tweed, lurex and knit, so your daughter won’t get cold during the chilly fall days. In addition to lovely dresses, girls’ line includes sunflower skirts, tops, coats and blazers. As we mentioned before, Dior is not an adherent of girly details like frills, bows, various embellishment, so this girls’ line doesn’t feature any. The same principle works for the color palette – it is limited to subdued shades like powder pink, steel grey, beige, white and black that were diluted with a bold red.

Besides clothing garments, this Baby Dior girls’ line consists of accessories that will make the looks complete such as ballet flats and felt hats. Add a touch of a true Parisian chic to your girl’s outfit using these classy and chic accessories.

Baby Dior Girls’ Collection Fall Winter 2013

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