Baby Crib Types and Styles

Baby Crib
A crib is a focal point of any kid’s bedroom. Besides being a full-fledged element of nursery’s interior, it is also a place where your child will be spending a lot of time. Nowadays 5 crib types are offered for sale, which come in an abundance of styles, designs and hues. Before you start a crib shopping, it is essential to get acquainted with all crib types and styles to narrow down your search.

Types of Baby Cribs

Standard Cribs

A standard crib has a rectangular shape and is suitable for babies up to 24 months of age or whenever your child won’t simply fit in it. It is the most popular crib type, which is available in a myriad of styles and shades, starting from ones decorated with intricate details to plain ones. Since starting from June 2010 cribs with drop sides are forbidden, contemporary standard cribs are supplied with fixed sides.

Baby Crib

Convertible Cribs

One of the key benefits of convertible cribs is their ability to transform into a toddler’s bed, daybed and a double bed as a child becomes older. As a rule, these cribs are pricier comparing to standard cribs, however taking into consideration that it develops with a child’s growing-up, it becomes a great deal. Just like the standard cribs, convertible cribs come in various styles and colors.

Baby Crib

Canopy Cribs

Canopy cribs are supplied with a canopy, which hangs from the top and allows creating a lovely and neat ambiance. There are 2 types of canopy tops: one that covers a frame and another one where side panels enclose the crib. It is better to avoid complicated fabrics with lace of frills since you baby’s hands can stuck in it. It is also essential to remember that once you baby gets 4 months old, a canopy should be taken off since your kid can use it to climb and fall.

Baby Crib

Round Cribs

Round cribs are ideal for small nurseries or rooms of unusual shape. As a rule it is about 46 inches in diameter. It is offered in a variety of shades and designs, but usually they are dedicated to certain theme, for instance, princesses, butterflies, cars, stars, etc. The main minus of this crib – it cannot be transformed into a toddler bed, so as soon as your child is 35 inches tall, it is time to replace your round crib.

Baby Crib

Portable Cribs

3-in-1 portable cribs are perfect for parents that love to travel with their kid. They can be folded and are  often supplied with wheels. In addition, portable cribs can boast 2-4 mattress levels and an opportunity of transformation into a daybed. Portable cribs are distinguished from standard ones with a mobility and versatility.

Baby Crib
So, as you got familiar with the most widespread types of baby cribs for your nursery, it is time to get one for your kid.

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