Alonso Mateo – Baby Fashion Icon

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

Baby fashion blogs as well as baby bloggers became a big thing during the last couple of years. A lot of attention is devoted to celebrity kids that are in step with their star parents and from day to day keep demonstrating us chic and utterly trendy looks. However, in this article we want to talk about a usual kid that fully deserves a title of a style icon. Alonso Mateo is only five years old but he is already a popular fashion blogger, whose manner of dressing is favored by 2,500 Instagram followers. He uses Instagram as a platform for demonstrating his chic looks.

In the photos Alonso takes stylish poses, while putting his hands in pockets and looking into the distance. Moreover, just like on real fashion blogs, Alonso’s pictures are taken against a luxurious background such as palms, pool and chic interior or in front of the mirror on iPhone.

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

When taking a look at his mom, it becomes clear from what quarter does the window blow. Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, Alonso’s mother, works as a fashion stylist for numerous fashion magazines including Harpers Bazaar and can boast 127,000 followers on her Instagram, while Alonso’s dad is a CEO of a private equity company in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently Mateo family lives in Laguna Beach.

Despite the young age, Alonso’s wardrobe is full of high end clothing from such renowned brands as Gucci, Dior, All Saints, Stella McCartney, Little Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana.

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

Those of you who assumed that Alonso’s beautiful mother is doing all the styling for him are quite mistaken. This little cutie knows a thing or two about dressing cool, though sometimes his mom directs him on the way of becoming a true fashionista.

However despite a huge army of fans, there are some people that disfavor Alonso’s passion for dressing chic. They suppose that fashion is not exactly the right thing that should obsess a young boy.

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

Baby Fashion Blogger: Alonso Mateo

Alonso’s mother replied in interview:

People usually judge right away. When we go shopping, if he wants loafers just like his daddy and I can afford them, I get them. We’re fine raising our son. He’s always polite, he’s grounded, he’s a sweet boy. I don’t think he really notices he’s fashion forward. He’s too young.

Baby Fashion Blogger Alonso Mateo and His Outstanding Looks

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