2013 Trendiest Halloween Costumes For Kids

2013 Halloween Costumes for Kids

2013 Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is the costume party where your kids are free to reveal the wildest ideas they have, they may realize their fantasies about being the world superheroes and pretend they have those super abilities the reality doesn’t let them to have. As per the experience of the last years the most popular characters on the Halloween are those promoted by the media and…Politics. Turned out this year the worldwide Halloween parties are flooded with the Barack Obama’s masks. According to the Halloween best selling masks and costumes Barack Obama may have the title of the #1 person of the 2013 year. If your kids are quite good in politics they may get interested with this idea.

Children’s Halloween Costume Trends as per the Hollywood Look

Turns out the best 2013 movie is the one dedicated to the problem of Zombie being. Yep, this year movie industry has been flooded with fantastic creatures who keep trying to conquer the world. Thanks to Brad Pitt (“World War Z”) teenagers can switch vampire’s Gothic costume to blooded dresses. Pale makeup with drops of blood may work for both.

Zombie look for Halloween

Zombie look for Halloween

Vampire theme became extremely popular few years ago thanks to those numerous vampire sagas. Before this everybody were getting crazy with Harry Potter, however this year it is not a trend any more. Hundred percent sure that characters of the Tim Burton’s movies are still on the top. They were and will. Probably because Tim Burton makes his movies being inspired by Halloween spirit?

Kids wearing costumes inspired by Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie"

Kids wearing costumes inspired by Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie”

As you see the main trends come from the entertaining media. This year grosses tell us that children were in love with “Despicable Me 2”, especially with the minions.

Minion Halloween Baby costume

Minion Halloween Baby costume

The second place owns the Monsters (“Monsters Unviersity”) and the third place goes to the “Croods” family.

"Monsters" theme for Halloween

“Monsters” theme for Halloween

All those modern trends work for elderly kids. How the babies will look on the Halloween party depends on their stylish mommies and here comes the classics, because classics always looks perfect!

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  1. Mary says:

    Wow, great ideas, especially with a Monster costume. I think my cutie pie will look adorable this such costume, but where I can purchase something like this?

  2. Amina says:

    I want to buy Clothers for my kids,What may i doing?

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